Friday, June 6, 2008

This month

I have been so busy this past month, so sorry i haven't posted. This past month i have learned quite a few things, here is a list...

1. No matter what you do, a vacuum will NOT dry your hair
2. When your grandma says something you dont understand, just play along
3. When there is a 70% off sale at the lindtt chocolate store, the line WILL be long.
4. Puppies do NOT have stomachs or bladders of steel.
5. Teachers don't appreciate when you doodle on worksheets.
6. When olivia screams.......... she WILL burst your eardrums
7. Brothers can somehow get toothpaste on the ceiling
8. No matter how hard you try to hide a puppy accident, mom will find out
9. Putting a glass jar in the trash compactor because your mom never compacts it, is NOT a good theory.
10. College kids scream loudly on rollercoasters
11. I sadly am addicted to rollercoasters.
12. You cannot make one of those zipline things in you backyard with a long piece of rope, and a stick. It will end in pain and tears.
13. Mom is always right, even if she isn't.
14. Mom's punch in the code on the vending machines with that finger nobody really should put up.
15. grandmas point to words in books with that same finger.


  1. jordan the amazinggJune 6, 2008 at 11:35 AM

    JESSICA YOU ARE MY HERO!! i LOVE you!!! that was sooo funny and SO true! omgsh you are my life. miss you soooo much!!

  2. lol, thanx jordy. SPREAD THE WORD! my blog is public