Monday, June 9, 2008

My furry loving ball of trouble

As you may be aware of, I have just got a new Puppy! :)
this little fun loving fluffball has just made my life a madhouse! She has has 3 #1 accidents and only 1 #2 accident! Not so bad i guess. But she has her quirks that make us laugh harder than we have in awhile! GRRR.... I cant post a picture... grrrrr....

Her quirks:

1. When she gets excited her left ears flops up on her head

2. When she's really happy she wags her tail up and down

3. When she is extremely happy she wags her tail like a helicopter

4. She can obliterate a tennisball in 1 min 3 sec (I timed it)

5. She annoys little dogs

6. She thinks she's a horse

7. She scared away a lab because she was so hyper


1. A piece of tin-foil

2. 6 Worms

3. 2 legos

4. A piece of that stuff that goes under the carpet the size of her paw.

5. My finger....... GOTCHA didn't I? lol

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