Saturday, June 21, 2008

This weeks lessons and video...

This weeks video- G rated, very cute, very funny

This weeks lessons-

Bikes made of plastic that you try to ride for a mile will hurt terribly

babysitting at 1 am is scary

no matter what you tell her, your sister will still call your neighbors 1000 pound boxer georgia when his (its?) name is CHARGER

macs arent the best computers in the world once the honeymoon phase is over

life isnt fair.......ever

"the office" is a cure to an extremely bad day, laughs make sunshine in a cloudy day

I will get frustrated when nobody comment on my blog (hint hint)

i really miss my friends from CT quote from stewart little "There's just this, empty space in my heart."

i will cry at the girls camp testimony meeting

that is the first time i have cried for a testimony related thing

FOR MY READERS..... im a mormon, that will explain alot in more posts soon to come

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