Sunday, June 15, 2008

aahhh, the joys of girls camp

i just got back from girls camp, sorry haven't posted. i had a great time waterskiing, horse riding, and rock climbing! and i'm sure my 34 ticks, 10 'skeeter bites, and 5 chiggers had a great time sucking on my sugar pumped blood. and of course our tent was a luxury resort to the 3 raccoons who decided to visit us at 3 am. i have two great stories to tell

el numero uno: my friend had lost her b** and my other friend had lost her under wear. I was sitting inside our canvas-tent-cabin thingy while aly was behind our tent inside our tent, and taylor was in our tent in our tent... here goes the story

Friend 1 "GAAAAHHHH i must have dropped my underwear! (we had just got back from showering) NOBODY COME BACK HERE

Friend 2 "Where is my bra? i swear i had it! NOBODY COME IN HERE

Me "we must have a stalker...

Friend 1 " Hey guys whats that noise?

Friend 2 and i "i dunno"

Friend 1 " AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH -screams- its a huuuuuuuge spider! -trips over clothes and falls in tent with topless taylor

Friend 2 "GET OUT"

friend 1 "DONT LOOK AT ME"


Me "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA -rolls on floor from laughing, literally- HAHAHAHAHAHA -tries to get up then falls out of canvas cabin thing-


i got the hardest laughing fit i have ever had in my whole life!!!!


setting: we are at devotional reading scriptures as part of the lesson sitting around the campfire

Friend: "and the lord said 'confide in me and thy will come fart in the joys of my tender mercies"


Friend "wat did i say?"

Sister ****** "Just keep reading"

aaahhhh, wat fun facts camp can reveal about other people, and yourself

i found out that i can do mean belly flop, and then almost have to be rescued by the lifeguard

I found out i am scared of racoons at 3 am

I found out i kinda mumble in my sleep

I found out ticks are very clever

I found out that my favorite activity when it is raining during camp is dousind them with bug spray and lighting them on fire

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