Saturday, May 24, 2008

euphemisms from grandma

well, sorry i havent posted because my loving grandma (mamo) has been here..... and i have heard a totally different language. here is a list of her enthusiastic euphemisms....

1.rubber scaper- i had no clue what it was, but then after asking me a million times to get it, and me saying "what is that?!?!?!" i found out that it is what my branch of the family tree calls a spatula

2. mixer- this is a funny one, my mamo asked me to get out a mixer, and i got out our like 50 pound electric mixer, and she said "no jess, a mixer" so finally i just guessed and pulled out a __________. What was it? a MIXING BOWL

3.unders- now that i think about it, there really is no explanation needed for this, i was just being extremely stupid.

4. friskies - when she asked if we were going to feed our dog friskies, i said it was a cat food, and she disagreed. I guess it used to be the only dog food that was good for your dog back then.

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