Tuesday, March 17, 2009

-Horns blaring- SPRING BREAK! NOW WE GO TOTHE DENTIST!!! -Horns quicly fade and the tootist are left wondering why they are even there-

Well, the title was pretty self explanatory.... It in fact is Spring Break until monday and yes i got to go to the dentist.
Don't get me wrong here, I really respect dentists and the work they do to keep our chompers healthy and all that jazz. But, i have some things that really irk me with dentists . So here goes...

1). They are hippoctitical at times, for example they always say "Never poke your teeth with any sharp metal objects" Well ya go to the office, wait awhile reading 8 year old magazines (really), ya sit in the chair, and the first thing they pull out is an IRON HOOK And then, he starts scraping away at the place YOU CAME TO GET FIXED!!!!
2). They have hard of hearing. So you're in the chair and they ask what flavors you want in the toothpaste on steroids and the foamy stuff. So you say mint, no, they don't hear that. The dentist heard "Menthe" like mentholatum The stuff in vicks vap-o rub.
3). They think they are discreet when they laugh at you but their not. After you have rinsed out the taste of Vicks they put a sucker thingy in your mouth, go outisde of the exam room, and laugh at you! Leaving you, a capable human being arguing with thing! trying to suck up your mouth!

Ok... I'm done. I really respect dentists and i really appreciate them keeping my mouth squeky clean.

It is now official that my cousin has adopted the darn cutest little baby boy (angel) ever!
congratulations to my dear cousin jenae and her husband devan!
P.S: I really wanted to go to your wedding, but after weeks of begging to my mom i had to stay and go to school.


  1. Have to admit that I'm not to fond of dentists either. Maybe the 6 years in braces and 14 teeth pulled has something to do with it. Thanks for spreading the news about Baby J. He is the cutest isn't he. You should tell your mom that to make it up to you for not letting you come to our wedding, you need to come out and spend a week at the beach with us. Tell her North Carolina is calling to you!

  2. oh my goodness! that is the cutest little baby ever! adorable!