Saturday, January 3, 2009

How about this?

I have neglected this. Again. UGHHH i must break this habit, and I will write once a week from now on. Well what brought my sudden urge to express my frustrations to the world was the way the girls dressed today even though it was below freezing. To me it seems like our morals in America as a whole are just slipping away like water in a strainer. Everywhere I look there is some inappropriately dressed girl as small as 8 dressed up like Britney Spears (except they are wearing clothes). And of course Hollywood doesn't help with their slew of movies going on and on ad nauseam about how "Friendship is forever! You can always get a new husband!" or, "its OK to cheat on you're spouse, everybody needs a little fun!" Im just waiting and wondering ntil how long it will be until it is uncommon for a couple to only be married once. But then (Ok now im gonna get a little sentimental here) i realize that even while living in a world that accepts such acts as OK that we as Latter Day Saints are able to hold fast to the iron rod of truth. sorry about my ranting and raving, i just needed to get that out.

Since i have last posted I have seen some strange things in our oddball country.
1. No Longer is a picnic lunch at the PUBLIC park good enough, i have seen a half eaten turkey sandwich at a Taco Bell Playplace
2. Why do Americans keep looking for new ways to package water? I have also seen canned (yes, canned) water. I can see the commercial now; "Canned Water, the best thing since bottled" Quick Fact: Evian water in naive spelled backwards because they thought it wouldn't sell. Now they have canned it.
3. With health being a brand new fad in america because of our current state of Obesity, people are always competing whether their brand is the Healthiest. But the true winner is a gas station near my house "Try our new LOW CARB WATER!" (PICTURE TO COME)
4. I was cleaning up the mess my little sister made with our old stroller and I found this label. "WARNING: Do not fold with child inside!" mind you this WASN'T a joke!

Had your laugh?

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Have you seen any odd things like above? If so, PLEASE COMMENT!!!! Thanks!

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  1. Well hello there. It was good to hear from you. Thanks for checking out my blog. Its a fun cyber world out there. I toatally don't mind you copying pics of Jamis. Isn't he the cutest. I'm going to keep up on your blog now, so be sure to write. Your a very talented writer by the way.
    Lov ya