Saturday, August 16, 2008

well, school

i have neglected my blog.... again... i really promise I'll try to write at least 1 time a week...... my puppy Kali threw up a sock last week. oh goody. and on Wednesday the 13th (my bad luck day) school started. and today i realized how big my puppy is going to get... here is a pic of the little spit-fire. since she is a mix between a golden retriever and the biggest standard poodle ever known to man, she will get about 75 lbs!

school, has been kinda fun, I've already had 5-6 homework assignments but that's life, eh? also, my locker room in PE is like a million degrees, and of course we start running on the track monday....... wel enough with me feeling sorry for myself. Its time for you to tell me...

ATTENTION: If you are reading this you are required to comment on your summer/school....muahahahahahah, i feel like my English teaher, mrs. evilmeier.

LASt thing, in case you have been confused all names mentioned about other people have been changed and these are NOT THE REAL NAMES!

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  1. i feel 4 ya, man. school makes life a whole lot worse! what do u think mrs. evilmeir would do if she saw this? from the coolest person in the world, jojo