Monday, July 28, 2008

my vacation thus far....

I'm so sorry blogger peeps. but i have been SWAMPED with stuff to do. life is just hectic -wink wink nod nod- so ill write now
my vacation stated with us going to Branson and we had an amazing time on the lake and at the pool located in the friendly tribesman resort.
(my little brother at the pool)

We also had a rootin tootin hootin dootin pootin good time at the DIXIE STAMPEDE Y'ALL!! -YEEEEEHHAAAWWWWW- where you sit in a football field sized arena and have a 6 course meal with your god intended silverware (be sure to use the wipes after eatin the whole chicken with you hands) teehheee, funny story. My little brother nick -pictured above- had no idea that we were going to use our hands to eat a whole chicken. so when the serving girl came over he said "Miss, do we get to eat a WHOLE chicken with our hands???? " in his cute 5-year-old-but-hes-really-almost-8 voice. when the serving girl said yes, his eyes turned to the size of golfballs! and dug in. the whole chicken. gone just bones. he couldnt eat till lunch the next day........

and the 4 hour drive home was peaceful becuase we were too full to argue about the pronunciation of cacao (jackson, its pronounce cah-cow not ca-ca-oh) and we drove to the vet to pick up our little furry ball of trouble. (ME with my little puppy)

so we did normal summer stuff like pool swimming and turtle catching, and staying up later than usual.
until about a week ago....... our cousins, the krauses who live about a mile away had a next door neighbor run away to their house. he was a little 5 year old who ran away because his mom made him clean his room. teehee. so my uncle Paul worked him TO THE BONE, the little guy almost cried twice and was very shocked when it was dinner time. he got a can of refiried beans,while we (the other kids) were SO elated because it was the first time in YEARS when we actually got cheese on our macaroni. -wink wink nod nod- and that we loved to go to bed because we worked so hard all day. my uncle had to finally kick him out so he could go home, because the little guy just rang the doorbell put his bag on the floor and said "I'm gonna live here cause my mom is sooo stupid" nice kid.
my fingers are tired, more to come about my vacation later... BYE

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