Tuesday, August 11, 2009

RIP summer Break (Taps plays in background)

Well, school starts in 7 days and i would have to say this was one of the best summers EVER! (Besides the 66 total hours spent in a car with my 2 brothers, sister, and dog! Staying entertained on the wasy to Salt Lake city was easy when we read the bumper stickers and got trucks to honk at us (Even if they were carrying another truck!) The coolest thing we say on the road was a truck carrying another so it looked like it was driving backwards!

We got to our grandparents house FINALLY after a stay in a motel nest to a bar in Nebraska, a night at my AWESOME Paramedic/Firefighter Uncle travis' house with his ADORABLE little cuties Kate and Avery who have potential to melt anybodys heart, and a total 33 hours of driving! We got there and had a blast for 2 weeks visiting cousins, walking to graveyards, and of course stealing the occasional street sign! (It was about to fall off anyway, we just made the governments job easier!) Then we went to my cousin Janine's wedding! (Congrats Aaric you chose well!!) and also went cliff diving! who knew jumping to your doom could be soooo much fun! sadly, we had to leave and drove another 3 hours to McCall Idaho to the BESt lake ever and with out best FRIENDS Ever! I'll have to admit i felt kinda stupid after i got led into a snipe hunt, but it was all worth it after we tied a toy skunk to somebodies doorknob and ding-dong ditched em! So McCall knocked on the door and ran but bronwyn and I stayed behind to see the reaction! What happened was the son answered the door, saw nobody was there and closed it, but because the skunk was tied to his doorknob it swung into his house and he proceeded to scream like a girl and say a word im not allowed to type or say! Ahhhhhhh... I love summer! Sadly all good things have an end and we had to leave BUT!!! We were able to get a quick photoshoot of all of the kids from our circle of 3 families there at the time!
GRRR!! ok my compooper won't load the picd but they will be put on a post at a later date!
We brought my aunt kim home with us after mccall and went to the arch when we got back! Nauvoo came nest and WHAT AN AWESOME PLACE TO BE! IF you ever go to nauvoo you HAVE to go to the pageant because its amazing! And the stuff beforehand is pretty cool! There are stilts, woodcutting, and of course DANCING! -sighs- dancing is waaaay funner when you have a partner! well i have to make my bed!


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