Friday, July 24, 2009

321!!!! not 123... silly!

Ok.... i know im not the BEST at keeping you posted and i'll admit it's starting to bug ME even. so once every 10 days is my new limit i swear if i ever break this you can come to my house... knock on my door...... come in...... and FORCE me to post (If you know my address that is.... HA)

The title, its some explaining. Ok so picture this: It's hot out, the water is nice and cold, all of your bff's from connecticut are having fun! now add this.. you are 27 feet IN THE AIR of a slanted wet muddy rock about to jump and all of your friends are screaming for you to jump
in my brain the heights mean nothing.... it was the fact that the rock was slippery, tilted toward other rocks, and my feet were muddy that i hit a stop sign every time i tried to jump. It was as if all of my little brain robots sitting in their cubicles hit the STOP button when they tried to take that running step on the sloped rock....

20 minutes later..... i have let about 5 people go ahead of me, and a group of scantily clad girls? no. Women? not covered enough. teens? i guess thats the word for women walking around in practically nothing are called nowadays. so they see me stopped and say "Were you like counting to like 1,2,3? or 3,2,1" i replied "1,2,3" and they all went "Oooohhh!" and acted like they had some great newtonian theory on running off of slanted doom.
so i leaned in and they said "All you like need to do is count 3,2,1 silly!" i was in shock... all my life i have gone 1,2,3..... its just basic nature. I mean what can these girls know if they don't know how to even match bikini tops and bottoms????
but i try it.. i scream 3,2,1, and somehow the little robots in the office in my brain let me jump.

my toes pushed off the very edge of the rock and i was in a different world! The rushing of the air through my hair was surreal and i was all of the sudden stuck in a slo-mo scene of a jackie chan movie. i was swinging my arms and legs in an unnecessary fashion screaming unintelligibly "HoooooooeeeYamaaawww!!!" but at the same time it was beautiful.... time stopped and it felt like i was in a dream as the colors swirled around me in a cascade of green, grey, brown, and sunlight.

i landed (splattered) into the water and my swimsuit came up for air... a few bass may have gotten a good look at my upper half but the therapy is going well for them and they are on the road to recovery. I quickly pulled it down and swam up along with my bubbles. the air tasted good compared to lake water mixed with the pee of my brothers, and friends little brothers!

i tell you what... this counting backward thing has promise
even if it was invented by partially nude college women-girl things

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